ART + COMMUNICATION 4 international new media festival,
XCHANGE Network and [NICE] - Network Interface for Cultural Exchange meetings Riga, August 24-26, 2000
* 1996-1998
"Art+Communication" is annual new media festival in Riga, organised by E-LAB. The first international new media festival "Art+Communication" in 1996 was focusing on the social and cultural implication of the coming information society in Latvia. The festival in 1997 with the tittle "Xchange On-Air Session" was focusing on emerging streaming audio technologies - all festival events were broadcasted on-line. Year 1998 festival, named "Xchange Unlimited" was held together with The Baltic Interface Net meeting, and it included the conference, workshops, party; and developed conceptual ideas for the Interfund - virtual foundation that would support new media artists.

* 2000
This year festival will contain media artists presentations (from Riga, London, Moscow, Berlin, Minsk, Kaliningrad, Oslo, Prag, Stockholm and others places), panels on specific subjects in new media development, such as - genetics, free softwares, network interfaces and streaming media, as well as public events - concerts, performances, screenings, parties. This year festival will be co-organised by the newly established Centre for New Media Culture "RIXC", which unites Riga's active media organisations.

* XCHANGE - for intercultural jamming
The festival aims to promote tolerance and the development of an open territory for cultural exchange, beyond any separation or exclusion either on geographical, economical or political base. Under the principle of 'cultural jamming' media artists and net activists from various countries and various cultures will meet in Riga to present their activities and to work together in the context of and web-tv.

* [NICE] - Network Interface for Cultural Exchange
Festival will also contribute in cultural policy development of Latvia and within the Baltic/Nordic region in the field of new media culture. During the first day of the festival the [NICE] Network meeting on new media and cultural policy development in the Baltic Sea and North/East European region will take place.

* RIXC - The Center for New Media Culture in Riga
This event is organised in part to develop the conceptual background, identify the local and regional partners, and create a material base to develop newly founded Centre for New Media Culture "RIXC" in Riga.

* InterCultural Jamming - 00
During the month of August Riga (and Latvia) host a range of media culture events (organised by RIXC) a number of which will be presented during the festival and NICE and XCHANGE meetings.