The festival "Art+Communication 2000" with the title "InterCultural Jamming" aims to promote tolerance and the development of an open territory for cultural exchange, beyond any separation or exclusion either on geographical, economical or political base. Under the principle of 'cultural jamming' media artists and net activists from various countries and various cultures will meet in Riga to present their activities and to work together in the context of and web-tv.
In particular the festival will contribute in cultural policy development of Latvia and within the Baltic-Nordic & North-East European region, in the field of new media culture. The key aim is to promote cultural exchange in the region (and beyond), to stimulate local development of new media culture and to highlight awareness of youth and micro (minority, regional, sub-) cultures and examine how to make them visible in cultural programmes.
This event is organised in part to develop the conceptual background, identify the local and regional partners, and create a material base to establish the Center for New Media Culture RIXC in Riga.