OPEN AIR PERFORMANCE sunset until dawn (cca. 7-8 hours in summer)


RIGA September 2001
LJUBLJANA September 2001
TORINO November 2001
BRISBANE December 2001
ADELAIDE March 2002 (TBC)

The event is a collaborative project set up by Marko Peljhan/Projekt Atol, Nullo, Random Logic, dr. Ivol and guests.
The first performance of this series, SOLAR, was presented with great critical acclaim during Ars Electronica 98 in Linz. It is a logisitcally quite complex work requiring a three day minimum setup period. SIGNAL-SEVER! is the second of the performances in the series, which has been in preparation for more than a year. It features live electronic music and signals interception and specific signals processing and image distribution systems. The work is based on four large antenna arrays and a 7X7m stage, with 3 video projectors and a 4000 W sound system.
The signals unit used in the work was developed as part of the MAKROLAB project ( and the WORLD-INFORMATION.ORG project ( of which PROJEKT ATOL is one of the main production partners.
The basic premise of the work is the follow-up of the signal electromagnetic territory from dusk til dawn. The work is also based on some of Nikola Tesla's experiments.

interview with Marko Peljhan