Branka Curcic -- "Trans-European Piknik"

With the last European Union integration on the 1st of May, much has been said about its meaning, perspectives and influences, especially in the ten acceding countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The whole range of doubts about enlargement process has been posed, starting from European Union as expanding trade block where law and economic "harmonization" includes certain threat to cultural diversities and local identities in EU, as well as Outside of it. How "out-siders" in this case are dealing with European integrations and responding to proposed regulations that are forced? Is unification of culture possible at all and to what extent? Does tendencies of "safeguarding locality and fostering networking" between new media initiatives have potential to realize itself in the new European landscape? Where is the measure between "threat" and "benefit" to localities within this process, which would ensure field for creative action in this multitude of meanings? The presentation will be joint with excerpts and experiences from "Trans_European Picnic: The Art and Media of Accession" event, held on May the 1st in the new EU border country, Serbia and Montenegro.
Branka Curcic (Novi Sad, 1977) is media researcher and organizer of cultural events. BA artist, graduated at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 2001. Presently working as a editor of Infocentre department in, Center for New Media, Novi Sad.