Guillaume Coutu-Dumont

Straight out of the Montreal scene, this young duo made up of 2 musicians, Guillaume Coutu Dumont and Julien Roy find themselves in the center of diverse electronic influences. These laptop musicians, through music and sound, bring us a subversive, elastic and rhythmic environment. Guided by a very distinct interest in experimentation, tinged with dub influences, Egg aspires to an aesthetically pleasing hybrid and effective musical result.
Egg is currently promoting the release of their debut album Don't Postpone Joy on Mutek_Rec label. Back from a succesful tour in Mexico (Mexico DF, Guadalajara and Tijuna) and the Chilean edition of the Mutek Festival in Valparaiso (Cl), Egg is now planning on going to Europe for the summer 2004. In addition to Don't Postpone Joy, Egg will be promoting the release of an EP on Cynosure records.