Esther Polak - PIENS

PIENS is an artistic mapping project, which, by using GPS (Global Positioning Systems) technologies, maps out possibilities of time & space representation in individual routes of several small-scale Latvian milk farms and of milk transportation throughout Europe. It is a cooperation project between artist Esther Polak (NL) and researcher Ieva Auzina (LV) and was launched in July, 2003 in Latgale, Latvia in the framework of international workshop Locative media, organised by RIXC - Riga Centre for New Media Culture.
Esther Polak is an artist who explores the visual and documentary possibilities of GPS. Her Amsterdam Real-Time project was one of the first large-scale art explorations in GPS mapping. Currently she is participating in a collaborative project called MILK, tracing milk transports all the way from Latvian cows to its final destination in Dutch cookies. In her work Polak manages to strip GPS of its nerdy riffraff, and instead uses this technology for making comprehensible visualisations and telling human stories.