m/e/m/e 2.0, physical web-page, closeup.
Danja Vasiliev, 2008

m/e/m/e 2.0, physical web-server.
Danja Vasiliev, 2008

Danja Vasiliev

m/e/m/e 2.0

m/e/m/e 2.0 is a mechanical Web server. The machine allows its visitor to navigate through a maze of hyper-linked, material web-pages. Opposed to its digital protagonist the mechanical body of m/e/m/e 2.0 can not be re-multiplied to a spontaneous number of requests, instead all of its users come to share one analogue broadcast. The machine physically transforms itself whenever user clicks a link; the information is transmitted to all connected users, meshing and colliding their experiences. Seemingly a constraint becomes a feature - unbodied cyberspace gets filled with physical presence.

m/e/m/e 2.0 is a manifestation of the absence of any human traits in an act of network communication. It is a device that converts digital instances of netizens into humanoids, adding flesh around immaterial skeletons. By the analogy to what's known as "modem" (MOdulator-DEModulator, a device used for digital communication over analogue, physical mediums), "m/e/m/e 2.0" is a "semi-modem" – it materializes (modulates) without caring to convert back into binary format.

Danja Vasiliev is a critical engineer working in the domain of computer networks and hardware. His research explores the venerabilities of today’s technology be it of a technical, ethical or socio-political kind. He considers the exploit to be the most desirable form of exposure.

Danja's works were shown at numerous exhibition in Europe, Asia and South-America and recently received awards from Ars Electronica (2010, 2011) and Japan Media Arts Festival (2011).

Danja Vasiliev was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.