Gilberto Esparza, Ricardo O'Nascimento, Javier Busturia, Jingni Wang, Jelle Decker

Plantas Parlantes

After investigating local water planning in a context so rich and fragile as the Dutch one, the group created a system capable of establishing relations between the human world and the vegetable world. They built a sonic sculpture formed by plants and electronic circuits where the contact between man and plant triggers sounds embodying this relationship in a poetic light.
The installation consists of several elements: controlling the flow of water in a closed circuit with different levels, inspired by the ingenious water management in the Netherlands; the use of vegetables pointing the possibility of food self supply; the connection between plants through wires that capture the energy activity of bacteria and roots; the energy exchange between plants and spectator, perceptible communication through audio signals caused by the interaction of the viewer. The installation functions as a vegetable electro-acoustic instrument.

Javier Busturia Cerezo (ES)
Javier Busturia works around the issues of environmental and rural ecological art, in a collaborative way with an eye for the contextual. His work is about creating art in relation to local contexts and collectivity, about building site-specific interventions aiming to construct identity and community, on territory and land, using agriculture as an artistic tool.

Jingni Wang (CN)
Performance and new media artist based in Shanghai, gratuated from China Academy of Art, Intermedia Art Department. She has completed artist residencies in Netherlands, Belgium and China.

Jelle Decker (NL)
Student at the department of Industrial design, Eindhoven University of Technology. His interests are work with the user and community seeking how design can fit in its environment while triggering interaction from people.

Ricardo O'Nascimento (BR)
Artist and researcher of the field of new media and interactive art. He investigates body-environment relations with a focus on interface development for wearable devices, interactive installations and hybrid environments.

Gilberto Esparza (MX)
Works with art and technology. He has developed robots and urban interventions related to ecology and society.

The artists worked together on the framework of the recycle-x project in the city of Dordrecht, the Netherlands where the community was invited to join workshops and the process of improving the neighborhood trough art and design. This project was supported by Patchingzone Project and the Noordkaap Foundation.