The New Media programme

The New Media programme of the French Spring will take place in the framework of the 9th “Art+Communication” festival events. The programme will take place from May 31 to June 10, 2007, organised by the new media and interdisciplinary culture centers of Latvia: RIXC, K@2 and SERDE in collaboration with artists associations from France: Ellipse and EXYZT.

May 31 – June 10, 2007:
“Spectral ecology” – the exhibition in Riga at the RIXC Media Space and international conference in Liepaja’s Karosta.
May 31 in Riga: opening of the exhibition and Art+Communication festival. The Spectral Ecology exhibition is collaboration between Spectral Investigations Collective (Léonore Bonaccini un Xavier Fourt / Bureau d'études, Ewen Chardronnet / Semaphore, Horia Cosmin Samoila / Ghostlab) and RIXC artists group. The installation is complemented by the maps of Electromagnetic Waves Spectrum, exhibited in public space of Riga – on billboards of the public transportation stops. The exhibition is open till June 10, 2007.
June 1 – 2, 2007: in continuation the international conference “Espionage technologies and art” will take place in Liepaja’s Karosta, organised in collaboration with Art Research Laboratory of LPA (Liepaja Pedagogical Academy). June 2, 2007: at a close of the conference the “Military myth” walk through the labyrinths of Karosta forts will be organised and guided by Juris Rakis, a historian and military specialist.

June 1 – 3, 2007:
“LabiChampi” – a festival for living and growing culture in Liepajas Karosta.
Located in intersection of military architectonics, urban design and organic nature, the building of prospective Karosta’s Art Center is the main venue for “LabiChampi” festival events. June 1, 2007: the inauguration of the art installation and exhibition “Mushroof” co-produced by EXYZT (Paris/France) and K@2 (Karosta/Latvia) united artists collective. The opening programme include: ”Jumping Mushroom” – visual, sound and pyrotechnics performance by EXYZT artists group as well as public presentation of the workshops organised by EXYZT, Passerelle V (School of Architecture Paris La Villette) and ESP (ESAD Strasbourg Art school). At a close of the evening programme – a set of guest DJ’s and VJ’s from EXYZT collective. June 2 – 3, 2007: guided tours around the exhibition, clothes marking workshop and fashion show by Directeur General (France) artists and designers collective, training in “mushroom growing”, exchange of mushroom recipes, mush-meal and French traditional family party (bal musette). Night of June 2, 2007: a special sound and visual performance at Fontaines Palace club in Liepaja.

June 2 – 7, 2007:
“Technology myth” – a research trip and workshops in SERDE Cultural Center in Aizpute.
June 2: “Military myth” research trip – from former USSR Army missile bases in Embute and Vainode to former locator area in Skrunda. June 3 – 7, 2007 in Aizpute: “Technology myth” workshop. In the framework of the workshop the working group conducted by Spectral Investigations Collective together with artists, researchers, sociologists, philosophers and scientists will investigate the connection between history and mythology of military sciences, in relation to territory of Latvia.

New Media Programme of The French Spring in the framework of “Art+Communication” is an exchange invite. In autumn 2005, French artists association Ellipse in collaboration with the RIXC co-organised “Spectrography” project series as a part of the Surprising Latvia festival in Paris, Strasbourg and Orleans.