The 5th RAM workshop entitled "Open Source Media Architecture" will take place from May 4th to 9th, 2004 in Riga, Latvia, organised by the RIXC.

Open Source ideas -- that has its origins in the scientific and computer programming communities, where research is shared within a network for the common advancement of the field -- will be used to set up the context for the RAM5 workshop in Riga.

The aim of the workshop is to investigate into how the Open Source concept, applied in contemporary practice of architecture, locative art and streaming media, can turn closed systems into open-ended narratives. It also aims to explore how the Open Source concept changes the notion about copyright and intellectual property, facilitates free access to the media content, and promotes enhancement of the public domain - leading a step closer towards an interactive, shared and collaborative practice of copyright-free culture.

In this context, the workshop will focus on exploring the potential of open source architecture in city saturated with mobile communications; the impact of ad-hoc wireless networking on architecture, art and social organisation; and the implication of streaming sound in acoustic cell-space of mobile media.

Accordingly three "media architecture" working groups will be set up:

[01] Open Source Architecture
[02] Locative Media Architecture
[03] Acoustic Cell-Space Architecture.

Additional activities will be devoted to introduce with Open Source software architecture - initiatives, tools and tactics; and to develop strategies to protect open source (streaming and locative) media content.

The 5-day workshop programme will include working sessions of 3 thematic groups, participants presentations, public lectures in the evenings and night performances. To close the workshop, a special event - "Open Source Day" will be organised for the wider public introducing the conceptual background of the activity, including the workshop results.


The workshop addresses architects and designers, sound artists, open source activists and programmers, however open for everyone interested. Applications primarily from Eastern and Northern Europe were selected (deadline was March 8, 2004).

Participation fee for non-selected participants – 35 Ls (55 EUR) (It includes free lunch and dinner during the workshop days, and free entrance to Media Lounge programmes and closing party).


http://rixc.lv/03 - "media architecture" festival in Riga 2003
http://locative.x-i.net - "locative media" workshop in Liepaja Karosta 2003
http://www.locative.org - locative media lab
http://www.suite75.net/blog/maze/ - weblog for Open Source Architecture


RAM5: "Open Source Media Architecture" is a part of the "Re-Approaching New Media" series of workshops and events being held across 6 Nordic and Baltic countries. The project is a collaboration between CRAC (SE), Olento (FI), RIXC (LV), Atelier Nord (NO), E-Media Center (EE), Vilma/Jutempus (LT).


Address: 11. Novembra Krastmala 35 (The House of Artists’ Union), Riga LV 1050

The workshop events will take place in various locations of the Artists’ Union House. It is 5-floor dark brawn soviet style building, at the corner of Old Town, near the railway bridge, next to river Daugava). Also RIXC office and RIXC Media Space is located at this house.

Tel. +371-7228478 (RIXC office), 371-8200289 (Mara), +371-76546776 (Rasa, Raitis)

Fax: +371-7228477

E-mail: rixc (at) rixc.lv, mara (at) re-lab.net (Mara Traumane)

Map of the Riga center
How to get to RIXC and Hotels

Power output rating in Latvia is 220V/50Hz


RAM workshop series is supported by Culture 2000 Programme of European Union.
RAM5 is supported by Latvian Ministry of Culture, Latvian Cultural Capital Foundation AND Nordic Council of Ministers Information Office in Riga.
The Open Source Day is a part of “Innovation in Integration” project, implemented by the K@2 in Liepaja and RIXC in Riga with the financial support of European Union.