Radio SPĪDOLA tiešraide
2002. g. 10. maijā
19.00-24.00 (Rīgas laiks)

Radio Spidola LIVE STREAM
MAY 10, 2002
18.00-22.00 CET

Starptautiskā sieviešu mākslas projekta SESTAIS ELEMENTS ietvaros RIXC Interneta Radio Spīdola aicina uz sarunu par 'sesto elementu' - Latvijas Valsts prezidenti, mākslinieces, Jūrkalnes suitu sievas, dj'u meitenes, dzejnieces, kiberfeministes, u.c. - uzdodot jautājumu:
"Kas ir sestais elements? Un kā šī sestā sajūta jeb intuīcija palīdz un darbojas jūsu profesijā, radošajā darbā vai ikdienas dzīvē?"
Atbildes uz šo jautājumu sūtiet:, tās tiks publicētas šajā mājas lapā, ierakstītas video vai raidītas radio Spīdola interneta tiešraidē 10. maijā izstādē SESTAIS ELEMENTS.
............................................................. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION:
RIXC project "SPIDOLA" invites Latvian president, folklor singers, artists, cyberfeminists, poetesses, etc. to participate in "The 6th Element" - international feemale artists' exhibition that will take place in May 10th, in Riga:

by answering the question:
"What is "the 6th element"? What is your experience with this 'girls' power', 6th sense or intuition and how it affects your work and your everyday life (if it does)?
(the answers will be published online, please, send them to:

You are also invited to contribute your live stream, audio or video files via the internet for Spidola radio programme, on Friday, May 10, 18.00-23.00 CET,
and to join the conversation on '6th element' at the chat channel:



LV prezidente - par 6.elementu | Rainis "uguns un nakts" lasījumi | music - Zina Kay CD-at Acoustic.Space.Lab | video - Kristīne Briede/K@2 un Diana/Orbita mix

Jūrkalnes suitu sievas un saruna (signe) | video reportazha no izstādes 6.elements (diana) | live remote stream: from Graz - reni hofmueller & *42*

Irina NPAG/Liepaja - live mix | Sarunas par 'sesto elementu' ar dalībniecēm | remote contributions: Gigi Otalvaro-Hormillosa performance from | broad-band-it girrls from London | Female Artists' Sing'n'Play Society Pure Joy from Tallinn, Estonia

TEXTILs lasa dzeju | DJ-girrls | Mara Pelece - atbildes Rainim

M A I N I - U N - M A I N I E S - P A T S - U Z - A U G Š U


SPĪDOLA ir latviešu supermena - Lāčplēša iedvesmotāja latviešu tautas eposā "Lāčplēsis". sākuma latviešu rakstnieka un filozofa Raiņa lugā "Uguns un nakts" Spīdola ir kļuvusi par simbolu tam pretrunu vadītajam spēkam, kas piemīt sievietēm un kas visos laikos ir motivējušas varoni cīņai. Tai cīņai, kura nebeidzas ar uzvaru vai zaudējumu, bet virza varoni pa pašizaugsmes ceļu.


SPIDOLA is the mastermind of Latvian supermen Lachplesis of the Latvian folk-epos. In the play, written in the early twentieth century by famous Latvian phylosopher Rainis, Spidola has become the symbol of that contrariety power, which is appropriate to women, and which in all times has been motivated the fight of the warior. That fight, which doesn't ends with the win or loss, but is guided towards the upgrowth of the hero himself.


THE 6TH ELEMENT - international women artists project

The conceptual borders of the project are marked by somewhat mythologized assertion, that has been empirically tested countless times, about the presence of the '6th element' or power. Being compared to the five senses of perception it is most often associated with an intuition, incomprehensible ability to conceive interrelation of things and is usually attested to women.
The project “The 6th Element” is an attempt to materialize the sixth sense, to mark the women’s self-sufficient space, avoiding at the same time the feministic discourse, reproachfully aggressive intonation and iconography of images manifesting the feminism.
It is an attempt to simply attest to its power and self-sufficient capacity that allows calmly and easily, or boldly and defiantly to settle anything. This is not a call to bring forth the painful aspects of the feminine being and to search for answers to eternal and unanswerable questions. Rather it might be a provocation of a person to whom everything is long since clear and who can affirm that in reality everything is much more simple.


A venue of the project will be in the hotel "NAMS99", Stabu iela 99 in Riga, Latvia, where each artist will have a separate room. Artists will involve in their projects also actresses, fashion designers, radio dj's, etc.
The project will take place in May 10, 2002 from 18.00-01.00 CET


Live transmission in internet will be provided by RIXC girrls radio project "Spidola" with the support of ISP "APOLLO"


Interneta tiešraidi tīklā organizē RIXC meiteņu radio projekts "Spīdola". Interneta pieslēgumu nodrošina "Apollo".