16.50  Martin Howse. LIFE CODING
A process-driven presentation of the newly coined, cynical terms of "life coding" in relation to necessarily open hardware. Life coding presents a double movement, summarising and expanding the concerns of xxx on a horizon presented by the command line. Such concerns can be enumerated as the ironic interrogation of the hidden (atrocity exhibition) instruction set composed as/for a machine for living, reversibility in computation and physics (simulations theory) and finally investigation of an active circuit articulated by the changes in digital circuitry itself which are effected by those instructions. The so-called (non) fiction of the real lived (film) is constructed by way of the real effects of a fictional instruction set (the impact of ambiguous software on the real, electricity and economics) is to be examined through attention to soft and hard-ware artifacts; a relationship mapped exactly by the (necessarily) viral executable.

Martin Howse (UK). Artist, programmer, theorist and film-maker. Born United Kingdom 1969, living in Berlin, Germany. Founded app. in 1998 to produce and explore performative and distributed artistic software investigating issues of physical data manifestation within a free software context. Martin Howse has performed and collaborated worldwide using custom software and hardware modules. More recently he has collaborated under the title xxxxx, organising seminars and events (Crash London 2005, xxxxx London 2006) exploring the collision of open hardware with expanded software. His current plans include the establishment of a research institute in Berlin.