16.30 Nina Czegledy. AURORA WAVES
Since time immemorial, the dancing lights of the enigmatic Auroras known as Borealis in the North and Australis in the South have bewitched and fascinated mankind. The dazzling geo-specific phenomenon is not only a brilliant natural spectacle but also makes dramatically visible the invisible world of electromagnetic activities. This presentation is centered on a recent phase of the Aurora Project, originally established as a collaborative interdisciplinary exploration of the Aurora phenomenon in 1996. Called AuroraLive, it is a web-based visualization of the experiential aesthetic and imaginary/actual narratives surrounding the Aurora. The visualization utilizes a number of technologies to enable user interaction and provide a real-time graphical representation of collected data from both user input and actual aurora activity measurements. AuroraLive inspires an intercultural exploration on the perception of electromagnetic waves that have intrigued us for centuries. (

Nina Czegledy (Canada) has collaborated on international projects, produced digital works and has lead and participated in workshops, forums and festivals worldwide. Resonance, Electromagenticbodies, Digitized Bodies Virtual Spectacles and the Aurora projects reflect her deep interest in art & science. She has exhibited worldwide with ICOLS and the Girls and Guns Collective, curated over 35 media programs internationally, lectured and published widely. Senior Fellow of KMDI, University of Toronto, Adjunct Professor, Concordia University, SpaceArt Network. Member, Advisor to UNESCO DigiArts, Czegledy is the current Chair of the Inter Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA).