FRIDAY, August 25

10.00-15.00 - SPECTRUM conference:
"waves-art" / "wave science"
Location: Arsenals museum (Torņa iela 1)
Free entrance.

10.00 Rasa Šmite. Welcome (Art+Communication: Waves)
10.10 Armin Medosch. Waves - An Introduction

[waves-art] Moderator: Andreas Broeckmann

10.30 Douglas Kahn. Radio Was Discovered Before It Was Invented
11.20 Heidi Grundmann. Artists' Use Of Telecommunications

[wave science]            Moderators: Rob van Kranenburg
12.30 Yuris Zhagars. Waves - Incomprehensible Phenomenon Of Nature
13.20 Honor Harger. Mysterious Noises & Electrical Disturbances: Using Radio to Make Sense of Our Universe
14.10 Joyce Hinterding. Aeriology: Artistic Investigations Into Physical Dynamics And Energetic Forces

16.00-18.30 – presentations & discussions
Location: Arsenals museum (Torņa iela 1)

[open-spectrum] (Moderator Andreas Broeckmann)
16.00 Isabelle Carlier, Benjamin Cadon. Usage Of Radio Transmissions In Sound Art Installations / Bastien Gallet. Extensions, Places And Sound Images
16.30 Nina Czegledy, Greg Judelman. AuroraWaves
16.45 Laura Beloff. Wireless Art From Objects To Portholes
17.00 Marc Tuters. FeteMobile: A Prototype For An Art Satellite
17.30 Paul Demarinis
17.45 Bengt Sjolen / Danil Lundback
18.00 open presentations (contact: Rasa Smite) & discussions

SATURDAY, August 26

11.00-15.00 - SPECTRUM conference:
"free waves" / "dangerous waves"
Location: Arsenals museum.(Torņa iela 1)

[free waves]             (Moderator Armin Medosch)
11.00 Alexei Blinov. Introducing HIVE
11.30 Julian Priest. The Visual Spectrum
12.00 Martins Boiko. On the Concepts of Silence and Traditions of Silent Behaviour in the Baltic Region

[dangerous waves] (Moderator Marc Tuters)
12.50 Konrad Becker. Theaters of Possession - Dangerous Transcommunications
13.40 Jacob Kirkegaard. Silence: Unfolding in Space (Chernobyl, 20 Years)
14.10 Marko Peljhan. Behind the network centric paradigm shift - a spectral view

16.00-18.00 – presentations, open mic & round table
Location: Arsenals museum (Torņa iela 1)

[open-spectrum] Moderator Armin Medosch
16.00 Manuel Schmalstieg. ONYX.2006.updated
16.15 Joe Banks. Rorschach Audio
16.45 Martin Howse. Life coding
17.00 Zita Joyce. Ethermapping
17.15 Juha Huuskonen. Signals From The South: Tuning In With Planet Earth
17.30 Jay Needham
17.45 Jaanis Garancs
18.00 open: presentations, free mic & final discussions…