Adam Hyde, Aleksandar Erkalovic, Lotte Meijer
Year: 2006

What is Wifio?
In these exciting times everyone is using the wireless.

If you want to know what this latest craze is all about you need Wifio.
Wifio means you can join in and find out what all this WiFi excitement is about! With Wifio you will find exciting new things happening in your neighborhood. Tune into your neighbors on the wireless and listen to exhilarating new technologies like Instant Messenger and Email!

All you need is Wifio and a sense of fun. You don't even have to have a connection to what everyone is calling the World Wide Web! Just turn on Wifio and find out whats happening on the World Wide Web in your neighborhood.

A few clicks is it all it takes to tune in to whats happening in your local community. Switch with a click between 14 channels of instant information and fun!
Check who's reading what and whats happening where. When your friends make a big announcement get ready to sigh and say That's old news!.

The whole family can enjoy Wifio! Tune in and have hours of fun who can guessing who you are listening! Can you be the first to guess!?

How does Wifio Work?
Wifio allows you to tune into the World Wide Web with a simple receiver just like the one you use for listening to the radio. Infact its exactly the same! When someone uses WiFi their portable computer is a transmitter, just like the transmitters they have in radio stations. To listen to the radio you need a special receiver, and to listen to WiFi you need Wifio.

If someone near you is "browsing the web" on the wireless Internet you can simply tune in with Wifio by selecting the right channel and tuning into their "IP Address" - but don't worry, you don't need to know what their "IP Address" is, infact you don't even need to know what an IP Address is! Just move the dial until you hear their emails or what they are saying in chatrooms.

In future versions of Wifio it will also be possible to listen to what your neighbors are discussing using the new Voice Over IP telephones. Its easy, just choose a channel and tune the dial. Wifio records all the information on the air around you, and plays it back for your listening pleasure. Future versions will also allow you to listen to what your friends are downloading over MP3 networks like Napsters, Limewire, and Bittorrent. No need to keep up with the Jones album collection anymore, just copy it as they get it!

Wifio - keeping you in tune with your neighbors.

Adam Hyde (New Zealand / The Netherlands) is an artist with an international practice who works with software, online audio and video, sound art, new technologies and more traditional forms of broadcast. He has also gained extensive management experience, having managed two radio stations and established the first community television station in New Zealand, Static TV. Adam has also worked at management level internationally in the IT sector, and has an established reputation as a free software programmer. He is co-founder of the Open Source Streaming Alliance (http://www.streamingalliance.org/).
In late 2002 Adam also started his own consultancy - The Streaming Suitcase - specialising in online audio and video training and system design for cultural institutions. Adam has recently become a writer for the Open Source magazine Free Software Magazine (http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/), and now predominantly works as a freelance software developer, producer and artist, and has gained an international reputation for his work in these areas.

Aleksandar Erkalovic (Croatia), software developer and resident at mi2lab. He is the main developer of collaborative web application tamtam. Together with developing software, Aleksandar organizes creative and educative workshops directed to young people, experts and amateurs, who are eager to find more about possibilities of tamtam and the idea of open source software in general. He has organized workshops at Tactical Media Camp in Vis An Ddubrovnik, in Zagreb, at Next Five Minutes in Amsterdam, etc.
tamtam pages: http://tamtam.mi2.hr/tamtamdev/
multimedia institut: http://tamtam.mi2.hr/about/
original wikiwiki: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki

Lotte Meijer (The Netherlands) is a new and no media artist / designer / teacher working in Amsterdam. Lotte often works with projects utlising non-new media artifacts which are highly informed by new media thoughts and theories. Lotte enjoys including a theoretical context informed by physical objects and relationships people have with them. These theories center around the influence of new media and technologies on both people and institutions. Through her work Lotte investigates the influence of the use of technologies on the expectations and behavior of people and how this is not limited to situations in which technologies are used.
Lotte received a Masters degree in Art & Tech from the Artschool of Utrecht, and one in Mediastudies/New Media at the University of Amsterdam. Her thesis was an examination of the relationship between New Media and Museums.

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