[Ilze Black] -- "RICHAIR2030: after the net crash"

Artists Presentation:
RICHAIR2030 is a roaming wifi performance with an "after the net crash" fictional scenario set in year 2030. By year 2030, the great wireless hope that promises mobility and connectivity has bubbled. The GPS satellite signals have lost track of its urbanites when cutting through the Ozone layers. The ocean-apart digital divide has eventually sabotaged the Net we surf in. What remains of the feeble bandwidth is held out and safeguarded by the wireless freenetworkers, a striving public wireless DIY network movement sprouted worldwidein the early 21st century.
Brave new media society TAKE2030 operates in parallel net media scheme and shifts the social media mission into hypermedia playing fields. TAKE2030 recruits transmitenti members for its reseach+development+action working units. TRIX04 - Ilze Black who is a co-founder of TAKE2030, London, UK++ and art bureau OPEN, Riga, Latvia. Shi is a visiting tutor in MA Creative Curating, Goldsmith College, also is a frequent writer for many arts journals.