Eric Kluitenberg -- "Connection in Visibility: Reconnecting the Space of Flows Unplugged"

Keynote talk:
Locative media reasserts the physical and the street in contemporary media culture. The question, however, is if locative media can also contribute to the construction of new forms of sociality? Can it counteract the paradox of modern public space that Richard Sennett in his classic study "The Fall of Public Man" called the paradox of "visibility in isolation"? For Sennett the rise of electronic media epitomised this trend. In the case of locative media the question is how to get beyond the mere annotation of the environment, wireless locative push media adverts, and people isolated in public space in their concentration on their mobile media devices?To be able to achieve this, I think it is necessary to locate the concept of locative media within a broader, more diversified understanding of hybrid space; to show how it is part of a much larger trend of the interweaving of physical and electronic information space. Within this larger context it is then possible to identify possible productive strategies for public agency and engagement, and the construction of new forms of actual social space in the intersection of physical and electronic (data-) space. As an artistic and social practice locative media can only it assert its significance if it manages to transcend the isolation in public that characterises the "personalised" approach to public space that dominates the corporate wireless agenda.
Bio: Eric Kluitenberg is a theorist, writer, and organiser on culture and technology. He is head of the media program at De Balie - Centre for Culture and Politics in Amsterdam, and lecturer on media theory at various colleges. Previously he taught "Culture and New Media" at the University of Amsterdam, media theory for the post-graduate education programs in art & design and new media at Media-GN and Academy Minerva in Groningen, The Netherlands, and worked on the scientific staff of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. He lectures and publishes extensively on culture, new media, and cultural politics throughout Europe and beyond. Since 1988 he has been involved as an organiser in important media culture events such as the First and Second International Symposium on Electronic Art (SISEA), Interstanding I, II, & III (Tallinn, Estonia), The P2P - New Media Culture in Europe conference (Amsterdam / Rotterdam), the third Next 5 Minutes festival of tactical media, "Tulipomania DotCom - A Critique of the New Economy", "net.congestion - International Festival of Streaming Media" (2000), and more recently the Dutch / Russian project "Debates & Credits - Media Art in the Public Domain" in Moscow, Amsterdam and Ekaterinburg (2002), the Amsterdam edition of World-Information.Org (2002), the fourth edition of the Next 5 Minutes tactical media festival (2003), and the mini-festival "An Archaeology of Imaginary Media" (2004).