Petit Philippe aka dj

bio, description and presentation title
DJ is specialised in mixing electronica, ambientism, avant-hip-hop, dubby and minimal-techno in a plunderphonic way, essential part of different songs all mixed together to keep the rythmn alive. Using 2 CD players + a laptop to add sci-fi, prepaired guitar chords, various clicks & electro-acoustic or field recordings in the background forming a tapestry of sound, running up to 6 different sources altogether to create a mess of assymetrical electroid. Topping it all he surfes thru the waves of his mobile radio player, improvising through radio frequencies, noises. With many levels going at once, its a great depth that he creates.
BiP_HOp is a webzine, a radio show, organizing live events every month, and above all a label documenting the state of modern electronic art and sound design, unconventional sound adventures, contemporary electronica that is challenging the ears and the mind. DJ = philippe petit who started Djing, animating radio shows and editing zines in the mid-80s. In the 9Ts founded the experimental label Pandemonium Rdz.