[Pablo de Soto] and [Jaume]

Riga, Art+Communication: Cultural Trans Mapping. Graz, Pure Data meeting. Barcelona, D-Form
Sometimes the calendar is capricious and causes that they pass things at the same time too important and in different places. Sometimes there is an intuition that that says there will be before and after this class of hidden coincidences. It's spontaneous, necessary and vital to fusion inside of three events Europe Strength in this autumn without leaves. Streams of audio video and from the Think Repository de Riga, from the Tool Kit de Graz, the Permanent Revolution of Barcelona will be able to be read with dynamical maps and mixed with gollum.artefacte.org, a tool for the incoming era. The fusion of the three events has to be total because the policy is everywhere, because the new format that the culture is acquiring in mercalab Barcelona is dangerous and it extends. Because we communicated with gamepads, with sensors, the Pure Data, and because still it is not enough, the call one takes control extensive, deslocalizado and urgent. Everybody is invited!
BIO: Jaume Nualart (Catalonia, from 1968)
(Key-Works CV style): -Working in Web, Pure Data & Wi Fi experiments, combined with people organization based on individual freedom -Prototypes: developping + implementing + testing interfaces for people + networks + web. Only free software & copyleft way of live. -Phisical Base: riereta.net (Barcelona) -Accidental Studies- chemistry -Diverses- writer, edonist, atheist, other world designer