[Teemu Kivikangas] (and [Angela Piccini] & [Ophra Wolf]) - "Where are you going"

Artists presentation:
"Where are you going" was an exploration of the Helsinki main railway station focusing on the corners, hidden sides and every day uses of the site, investigating the subject from a number of different angles, ranging from interviews to urban archaeology. Outcomes of the project were similarly various. For an example, as a video installation, Where are you going constructs an architectural model of the railway station in a form very different from the usual way of modeling buildings. It consists of videos filmed in certain places around the railway station during the workshop and again later this fall. Videos are then viewed on different monitors, arranged to form a media model of the railway station. Where are you going draws attention from the architectural frames of the station to the inhabitants and users of the building - small details of every day life taking place there, the resulting signs of consumption and simultaneous temporariness and continuity of these processes.
Teemu Kivikangas is Helsinki-based designer and media artist working on installations, performances, experimental cinema and interactive narratives. He has studied at Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki and University of Art and Design Helsinki Media lab and is active member of Finnish media art collectives http://www.katastro.fi Katastro.fi and http://www.amfibio.org Amfibio.