Folke Koebberlin, Martin Kaltwasser and Antje Grabenhorst


Publicity material, signaling disc, photographs, video DVD 5 min loop, 2008

The idea for setting up as private emissions traders arose in collaboration with political activist Antje Grabenhorst. In a pilot project we began to sell emissions rights to private vehicle holders at a fixed price. The more drivers there are using cars, the more they have to pay to non car-users who do not leave emissions. Thus, people who avoid flying or driving can earn a monthly income of up to 1,500 euros from the sale of pollution rights. This income would enable people to make a living from reducing environmental degradation.
Avoiding the creation of harmful emissions would make an immediate impact on private lives. In the real world the idea is, of course, considered outrageous. We presented the idea in a variety of events, video presentations, and exhibition contributions that investigated how personal income, work, and pollutant emissions were related.


Antje Grabenhorst, a monarchist until the age of seven, she made her first speech on environmental protection at the age of 12. She flew for Berlin in 1975, a city with which she has maintained a love-hate relationship ever since. As a discoverer of life, art, science and politics up from 1975, plus an amateur ethologist exploring her own environment up from 1991, she is always aware that social rules are made by us humans and can be changed by us humans. Her press work for theatre companies in which mentally challenged artists play an important role and where disabled and non-disabled actors work together at a highly professional level, always helps her gaining new insights into the question "Who is normal, by what means, when, where, how, and why?". She is also a writer, likes dancing and realized cultural projects as well as political campaigns.

Folke Köbberling (1969) has studied Fine arts at School of Arts in Kassel and Emily Carr Institut of Art & Design, Vancouver, Canada. Martin Kaltwasser (1965) has studied Fine arts in Nürnberg and architecture at Technical University of Berlin. They have been working together since year 2002.
In 2009 they became scholarship holders of the Contempory Art Centre in Warsaw and of Villa Serpentara, Italy. In September 2009 they received traveling scholarship for one year residency in Los Angeles from the City of Berlin. Recently they have published their latest book “Hold it” and they have been participating in art exhibitions worldwide since year 2005. Some of them include “Urbane Realitäten: Fokus Istanbul” Berlin, Germany (2005); “Talking Cities-Entry” Essen, Germany (2006), “Ortstermine 06” Munich, Germany (2006); “Schaulager” Berlin, Germany (2007); “About beauty” Berlin, Germany (2007), “Die Stadt von Morgen” Berlin, Germany, “Work to Do” Zurich, Germany (2007), “Unpredictable” Berlin, Germany (2008), “Landwars”, Auckland, New Zeeland (2008), “Rasender Stillstand” Munich, Germany (2008); “Amphis Wysing Arts” Cambridge, England (2008), “Platz” Viena, Austria, “Autos zu Fahrrädern” Graz, Austria.