Gints Gabrāns


Photo paper highlighted by broken laser beam, 2009

These images have been created by breaking a laser beam in a darkened room on a specifically prepared reflective surface – a fluid with micro mirrors. The beam is projected on a very large scale, 360 degrees radius. The reflected white light of RGB laser is broken into all colors of the spectrum similarly as it does in a prism.
The projection captures an amplification of the microscopic processes of light’s electromagnetic wave interference that allows to look into the mysterious nature of light waves and that visually resembles a network of unknown worlds by showing the “dark”, invisible side of the light. The perceived image appears like landscapes of a new world that can be viewed with a sense of a discovery and eyes of a landscape artist, who has gone out into a parallel world of plein-air.
The obtained projection is “written” on a large scale light sensitive surface – photo paper. After applying the photo-chemical treatment a unique “fotopainting” is created with laser beams, by informatively filling out photo paper’s surface with traces left by photons (light quanta).

Gratitude to Toms Priede and PRO1 for supporting the making of this artwork.


The latest significant Gints Gabrāns project “Nor wave nor a particle” was exhibited in Paris in 2008. Winner of Hansabank group Art Prize (2004). Participated in San Paulo 26th Biennale (2005) and also in Venetian 52nd art Biennale (2007), as well as in other venues worldwide. In 2006 participated in festival “Art+Communication” in Riga. This year Gints Gabrāns participates in the festival with his photon-painting project which will be displayed for the first time.