Joanna Hoffmann


Video, 11min, 2008,
Music: Dave Lawrence

The video refers to the quest for life and to its definition that puts for us the fundamental questions (Who are we? How did we come here? Where are we going?) in a new light. We know now that each of us is made of the same elements as the rest of the Universe and on atomic level (inscribed within the cosmic recycling) we are practically immortal. There is also no special features that distinguish genes from the unanimated matter; life turned out to be very contextual.
In a poetic way, “Secret Life” combines micro and macro images with everyday experiences, computer (protein) modelling with physical observations.

The soundtrack composed by Dave Lawrence uses among others material from the Neutrino Mediterranean Observatory, Italy and Whale & Seabird Research Station Inc. New Brunswick, Canada


Video, 6min 30 sec, 2008,
Music: Dave Lawrence

The video refers to water as an element of our universe (H2O molecule) as well as the source of life and environment of evolution. The film blurs borders between the outside world and the inside personal space visible by means of ultrasonography.


Born 1968 in Poznan, Poland, lives in Poznan and Berlin. She is an Asoc. Professor at the Academy of Art in Poznan, Poland. Author of 25 solo and participant of over 120 group exhibitions and festivals. Among others at Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Pl, Dana Centre, Science Museum in London, VideoBrasil in Sao Paolo, ISEA International Symposium on Electronic Art, Transmediale in Berlin, WRO Festival of Media Art and others.
Awards include Stipends of Polish Minister of Culture in 2004 & 2008; KulturKontakt Austria 1998; Art Omi, Ghent-New York, USA 2004; fellowship at the Academy of Film and Television in Potsdam 2005/6, KHOJ Kolkata (2006), KHOJ Delhi Art & Science Residency, India (2007), CEMA Center for Experimental Media Art/ Srishty College of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore India 2009
1st prize winner in the Polish edition of the art competition „2007-a very spatial year” by the Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Science and Europlanet.