Jeroen Holthuis


Custom software (Processing), 2 x iMac, custom hardware, valve system, transparent hoses, fluorescent liquid, 2009

Jeroen Holthuis tries to explore the relationships between our parallel worlds, our digital and analogue environment. Bitquid explores the relationship between these environments by trying to transform digital information to a new analogue equivalent. The system transforms bits in atoms. It therefore plays with the imaginary boundary where digital information ends and the analogue world begins. Jeroen Holthuis investigates with Bitquid a way to make (digital) information tangible again. In our analogue environment the transfer of information is never as exact as the transfer of information in the digital world.

Bitquid consists out of a system of transparent hoses through which binary information in the form of fluids are pumped. The binary information changes due to its trip through the analogue environment. At the end of the system the information gets analysed again, revealing a distorted image build of non-electronic transported data. During the process, the system will show a flow of data. By of the use of ultraviolet lights, the fluid that holds the information lights up while slowly moving through the hoses, accompanied by the repetitive sound of valves opening and closing.


Jeroen Holthuis graduated in 2008 in Communication & Multimedia Design in Breda, The Netherlands. He graduated with his first installation art work Bitquid which was premiered at the STRP Festival in The Netherlands in April 2009. Next of being an artist he works as a freelance designer combining media arts with graphic and new media design.