TRANSBIOTICS. Temporal Stability Points


Paul Vanouse (US), Zane Berzina (LV/UK) in collaboration with Jackson Tan (UK) and an international group of scientists, Andy Gracie (UK), Terike Haapoja (FI).

June 15 – 20, 2010, at kim? galleries in Spikeri

Exhibition “Transbiotics” features a collection of international biotechnology artworks which will be made available to Latvia’s audiences for the first time. Although using technologies in art is a common practice, creating artworks with “live matter” can still be considered unusual. The exhibition will focus on artists who seek to experiment with different science and technology inventions in creative ways.

American artist and bioart pioneer Paul Vanouse is participating with his works “Latent Figure Protocol” and “Relative Velocity Inscription Device” which use human DNA as material for creating art. London based Latvian artists Zane Berzina together with architect Jackson Tan and an international group of scientists have created and interactive installation “E-Static Shadows” – a touch-sensitive “sculpture” exploring static electricity. British artist Andy Gracie with his installation “Deep Data” interprets experiments with bacteria performed in deep space environments. Finnish artist Terike Haapoja whose work “Entropy” was exhibited at kim? gallery last year will this year present her most recent works “Dialogue” and “Succession” which deal with human and non-human relations.

Exhibition “Transbiotics” invites visitors to explore the creative uses of biotechnologies and bioart as a new form of art which challenges the continuously changing materiality of arts.