Saturday, June 19, 2010 from 10.00 - 18.00

Location: LU Faculty of Biology (Kronvalda blvd. 4, room 137) in Riga, Latvia

Tissue culture and tissue engineering represent a new area for artistic engagement. These branches of biomedical research have a major influence on perceptions of body, self and medical thinking. Tissue engineering enable researchers to grow three dimensional living tissues constructs of varying sizes, shapes and tissue types.
This one day intensive workshop will introduce artists and other interested people to basic principles of human/animal tissue culture and tissue engineering, as well as to its history and the different artistic projects working with TC and TE.

Workshop leaders: Oron Catts and dr. Ionat Zurr / SymbioticA - School of Anatomy & Human Biology, University of Western Australia


Biographies of the workshop leaders:

ward winning Artists, researchers and Curators, Oron Catts and dr. Ionat Zurr formed the internationally renowned Tissue Culture and Art Project (www.tca.uwa.edu.au). They have been artists in residence in the School of Anatomy and Human Biology since 1996 and were central to the establishment of SymbioticA in 2000. They are considered pioneers in the field of biological arts and are invited as keynote speakers, curate exhibitions, publish widely, exhibit internationally and their work has been collected by MoMA New York.
Catts is the Director of SymbioticA: the Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts at UWA and Dr Ionat Zurr, who received her PhD from the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, UWA - is researcher and SymbioticA's academic co-ordinator. SymbioticA won the inaugural

Prix Ars Electronica, Golden Nica in Hybrid Art Category. Oron and Ionat have exhibited all over the world. They have recently exhibited as part of the part of the Medicine and Arts exhibition at the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo), and the Design and Elastic Mind Exhibition, MoMA NY. Their work in on permanent collection at the MoMA NY.

They have been visiting scholars at The Experimental Art Centre, Stanford University (2007) and The Tissue Engineering & Organ Fabrication Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School (2000-2001)


The workshop is organized by RIXC (Latvia) in collaboration with SymbioticA (Australia), Faculty of Biology of Latvian University, and SLSA-EU 2010 organizational board.