DCR, Den Haag - credit : Lynn Pook

Studio, Berlin - Credit: Lynn Pook

Lynn Pook, sound composed in collaboration with Julien Clauss


Aptium proposes an unexpected way to hear and feel sound. The audience is invited to lay down in a hammock equipped with a tiny multi-channel sound system composed by fourteen loudspeakers. By touching different parts of the extended body, the mechanical vibrations resulting from the transmission of the music in the loudspeakers become perceptible on the skin and the sounds themselves are retransmitted to the inner ear by osseous conduction. Through this audio-tactile experience, our intimate space, the body becomes a resonance box and a changing sound sculpture.

Lynn Pook, born in 1975, is a Franco-german artist, who lives and works in Berlin and Barnave. She studied sculpture, fine arts and media art in Paris, Berlin and Karlsruhe (ZKM). The practice of Lynn is rooted in the observation of the body, the individual and his perceptions. This research originates intimate devices questioning the modes and the systems of exchange between the spectator and the object, between an individual and his environment. Since 2003, Lynn has been particularly interested in the sensitive capacities of sound, exploring its vibratory and tactile dimension on the skin. Since 2005 she works together with sound artist Julien Clauss in her audio-tactile research. Her „audio-tactile" sound installations have been acknowledged on numerous exhibitions, media-, experimental music- and dance festivals.

French artist Julien Clauss, born in 1974, lives and works in Bordaux.
Since 2001 he has been making sculptural sound works and developing installations and performances which bring spatial dimension of the sound and the political dimension of spaces into play. He seeks to engage the listener physically in the process of listening and uses the sound as means of establishing relationship between the physical body and its environment. His esthetics of sound oscillates between micro-sound and ambient noise. He has developed different multi-channel sound systems, as well as interfaces and applications for spatializing and real time processing.