balta nakts 2007

RIXC program for festival WHITE NIGHT 2007 (Riga, Latvia)

Exhibition FIELDS
Artist: Mārtiņš Ratniks
Dates and time:
August 25th - September 15th (every day from 12.00 - 20.00)
Opening: August 25th, at 18.00
Place: RIXC Media Space, 11. Novembra Krastmala 35 (entrance from Minsterejas street)

Martins Ratniks - artist, received master's degree in Art Academy of Latvia in 2001. He has participated in the work of electronic art and media centre “E-LAB” and he is an active member of RIXC, author of visual conceptions, as well as member of artist group F5 (Famous Five), videoartist, VJ. He has participated in several international art projects and media art festivals for 10 years.
The opening of Martins Ratniks exhibition “Fields” will take place in the framework of this years White Nights event programme, where the most recent video work with the same title will be displayed from August 25 to September 15. The work is one frame video installation which requires 27 CRT television sets. Idea to use “old” type TV sets is inspired by the specific way the video signal lays out on the screen. For such TVs the so called field is an image that contains only half the set of lines of a complete picture at a given time. The complete image (or rather an illusion of it) is made up of temporal overlaying of several such fields similarly when a percieved moment in time sequence arises from overlaying of impressions which makes it difficult to distinguish any “complete pictures”. The image displayed by TVs is made up of one video frame which creates a flickering effect when repeated consistently. By using video technology field specifics, video frame of the work combines two interlaced fields that create a new image.

In August 25 during the opening of exhibition a special guest performance by CLAUSTHOME (Lauris Vorslavs, Girts Radzins) will take place starting from 19.00. These musicians from Riga started their work in year 2000 as 'rythm&noise' project, later on turning to 'radionoise' genre. CLAUSTHOME works with different type radiofrequency scanning, radio signal collecting and feed-back sound and modulation experiments. By codifying and processing the sound material with sound programmes and by mixing and synthesizing them in live performances CLAUSTHOME creates a space for new sound pieces.


MOVING PICTURES – Big M international travelling video art programme
Dates and time: August 25th, 12:00 – August 26th, 6:00
Place: Square next to Riga Congress Centre

From motion picture to mega pixels Big M supports moving image culture and the possibilities for experimentation created by digital technologies. Unique in both design and function, the Big M provides an alternative to the conventional gallery setting and exhibits work by new media artists to diverse audiences. From experimantal narrative, to preformance and computer animation, each of the works present an individual approach to video production and highlight the diversity of practice within this expanding field.

Big M is an international media art programme created in 2007 which include digital film and video by 15 artists. Inflatable, traveling digital video art structure is provides a space for demonstartion of the moving image works in Riga, Sofia, Newcastle and Bergen in a framework of an international project supported bu EU. Artists from different european countires including Latvia are taking part in the project to give their interpretation on cultural environment in Europe. For example: what is tipically Latvian or Norvagian when viewed by an English person? What makes us different and what do we share?

The programme will be toured in the Big M, which is a highly stylised inflatable structure that functions as a temporary and mobile venue for the presentation of video and digital media. Inside the inflatable, via a specially designed touch-screen interface, viewers choose their own programme by selecting individual works, each with a running time of 5 minutes or less. The work is shown on three screens projected from the central console. The Big M is the only inflatable, mobile touring venue of it’s kind, and it will be displayed in Riga city during the night from 25th to 26th August in the framework of White Night event programme.

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PERFORMING IMAGE FAMILY – interactive art objects
Artists: G. H. Andersone, R. Brečevič
Dates and time : August 25th - 30th
Opening: August 25th, at 14:00
Place: “Galerija Centrs”on Rīdzenes street

Artists Geska Helena Andersson and Robert Rečević have, with their suite Men that fall and Women that turn occupied shopping centers, factories, window-cases and other spaces outside of the usual gallery spaces. The gallery can be constructed anywhere and movies are no longer fixed in conjunction to one-way-viewing on the big screen or the television. Moving imagery itself is also open to viewer interpretation; movies can be manipulated in relation to “elasticity” in narrative forms. G. H. Andersson and R. Brečević do not deal with experimental narratives but rather with the direct impact of the depiction of scenes combined with viewer involvement and spatial issues.

In the films Men that fall and Women that turn men and women are presented as different stereotypes. They have jobs that are pigeonholed male and female. But, in contrast to advertising’s glossy pictures, individuals act in unexpected ways. The male characters in the film can no longer carry their masculinity and strength. The man is no longer capable of defending his masculinity; he falls down from his position of power and becomes mortal. The women are inaccessible, with strong integrity; they don’t offer themselves in the flirty way we’re used to. They refuse to flatter the male gaze by acting as an image to fulfill his desires. With a spin they show themselves first when the onlooker has left the screen.

Their works Men that fall and Women that turn elaborate with the montage of cinematic imagery in combination with responsiveness. Artists' ambition is to do simple and straightforward tales that rely on silent action, a dramatic shift in posture, a certain gesture and a relation between characters. They work with responsiveness in moving imagery in conjunction to seamless assembly of several video clips in order to invoke “realistic” depiction of scenes that are “magically” influenced by the viewer. Their work is about the fragile and the humane, about what isn’t allowed onto the billboards littering public space.


TELEVIEWER. Installation – public 'interactive' object
Artists: A. Shulgin and A. Chernishev
Date and time: August 25th, 20.00 - August 26th, 6.00
Place: Andrejsala, Info centre, lobby

Aristarh Chernishev (Russia) is multimedia artist, tutor, for more than 15 years he has participated in exhibitions, multimedia art festivals and conferences. He has worked as a professor in ProArte Institute in Saint Petersburg, in Contemporary Art Problem Institute in Moscow, as well as in Moscow Aviation Institute.

Alexei Shulgin (Russia) – professor, multimedia artist, tutor, musician. Founder of “Immediate Photography” group, electronic pfoto gallery “Hot Pictures”, Moscow WWWart Centre, as well as author of number of other iniciatives. Since year 2004 co-owner of Electrobutique

TV programs we watch are our own reflections; It is also true the orher way around: we are the products of tele-propaganda. In "Televiewer" installation – a combination of tv screen and antenna - these metaphors take visual shape: a viewer sees his own reflection assembled from different tv channel visual streams. Tele-signals, while keeping their informative functions, become a form-shaping substance, a kind of brush-strokes filling the space of a tele-portrait. In a magnificent way a viewer turns from a passive object of the TV exposure into a subject - a co-author of the art piece: while zapping TV channels and moving around in front of the TV screen a viewer acts as a tele-VJ and thus creates his own show out of his image as well as visual streams of tele-news, advertisements and soap operas.

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