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Since 2000 dyne.org is a network and a free software atelier gathering artisans of different kinds.
We produce free and open technologies, multimedia performances and workshops, researching the hybridation of various art and communication practices within the digital domain.


free software productions

We produce and distribute the free software listed below, released under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License, you'll find documentation and sourcecode available for download in the respective homepages:


dyne:bolic - GNU/Linux live bootable media studio

Dyne:bolic GNU/Linux is a live bootable distribution, an operating system which works directly from the CD without the need to install or change anything on the hard disk. It is user-friendly, recognizes your hardware devices (sound, video, firewire, and USB), and offers a vast range of software for multimedia production, streaming, 3D modeling, photo, peer-to-peer filesharing, Web browsing and publishing, word processing, email, encryption, and networking. It also includes games and a world navigator. It does automatic clustering, joining the CPU power between any other dyne:bolic on the local network, and works on modded XBOX consoles as well.

Latest stable release is 1.2

dyne:bolic is RASTA software released free under the GNU General Public License. Share this software for the good of yourself and your people, respect others and let them express, be free and seek Peace. But remember there is no Peace without Justice. This software is about Resistance ina babylon world which tries to control more and more the way we communicate and we share informations and knowledge. The roots of Rasta culture can be found in Resistance to slavery: this software is one more step in the struggle for Redemption and Freedom.
Much blessings in Jah luv to all those who still resist. Selah.



FreeJ :: realtime video processing

FreeJ is a digital instrument for video livesets, featuring realtime rendering of multilayered video and chained effect filtering directly on the screen. FreeJ deals with every video source as a layer, making then possible to dynamically apply on each a chain of filters, loadable as effect plugins and easily customizable. Layers are implemented to mix together live inputs (video4linux devices), DIVX/AVI files (with avifile library), PNG images and TEXT files word by word. Other layers are being implemented.

FreeJ is being developed in the hope to provide the GNU community with a free, modular and highly customizable application to perform video livesets; a free and open framework that lets anybody implement his own filters concentrating simply on the dsp algorithm developed and furthermore to combine them over any supported layer

Latest stable release is 0.6


MuSE :: Multiple Streaming Engine

MuSE provides the free software community with a user friendly but powerful tool for network audio streaming, making life easier for indypendent free speech online radios.
MuSE is an application for the mixing, encoding, and network streaming of sound: it can mix up to 6 encoded audio bitstreams (from files or network, mp3 or ogg) plus a souncard input signal, the resulting stream can be played locally on the sound card and/or encoded at different bitrates, recorded to harddisk and/or streamed to the net. When sent to a server, the resulting audio can be listened thru the net by a vast number of players available on different operating systems.

Latest stable release is 0.8.1


[ H a s c i i C a m ]
(h)ascii for the masses!

HasciiCam makes it possible to have live ascii video on the web. It captures video from a tv card and renders it into ascii letters, formatting the output into an html page with a refresh tag, or in a live ascii window, or in a simple text file. It gives the possiblity to anybody that has a bttv card, a unix box and a cheap modem line to show live (h)ascii video can be viewed without any need for extra applications, plugins, java etc.

Latest stable release is 0.9.1