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[w002] workshop facilitated by Wilfried Hou Je Bek

PML walk #1: A PML walk with everybody participating in the workshop at the start of the week will be used as a start of a PML brainstorm afterwards. The workshop will be about the technology:

Where does PML stand in the semantic web? In which ways can the semantic web as utopian idea of the “free information network” really enable communities to use professional information to empower themselves (in this case in terms of urban development)?

But it also will be about the research: what kind of concepts in which ways can be used to get to the heart of a city to be able to talk about it independently of form.

PML walk #2: .walk at the final day to enable the public to be part of a pedestrian computer.

http://rixc.lv/ram/en/public04.html - PML (Psychogeographical Markup Langauge), text by Wilfried Hou Je Bek. Published in NICEPAPER for RAM5: Open Source Media Architecture. RIXC, 2004.