Networks are everywhere and we are connected to them for the rest of our lives.
The dematerialization of the art object was one of the main currents in the art of 60’s and early 70’s. This led to the appearance of conceptual art. The dematerialization of the art object is also often mentioned in connection with digital art (for example, and software art).
The recent years have seen the emergence of art works, which are using wireless networks -art forms like mobile art and locative media. These kinds of mobile art works, which utilize wireless, immaterial networks share the following characteristics: they are networked, mobile and almost without an exception they all have some kind of material interface. These features enable art to become produce-able and accessible anytime and anyplace. Art works come into the view and consciousness of the public without a support of a traditional exhibition place like museum or gallery. Wireless communication networks lead to the materialization of interfaces in every day life and in art. The art object is still there, but its characteristics have changed.
My presentation will investigate a change in the art object from 60’s to the current mobile and wireless works. The talk includes few examples of my own artistic works.
Laura Beloff (Finland) has exhibited widely in various exhibitions, museums, galleries and major media-festivals in Europe and worldwide. She is frequently lecturing about her interests and works in universities and conferences. She has an education in new media and critical studies (MFA 1998; California Institute of The Arts) and photography (MFA 1995; University of Art and Design in Helsinki). She has received various grants, residencies and awards: Ars Electronica –futurelab residency 1999–2000, Austria; Fulbright-grant, U.S.A., Air-residency 2001, Vienna; 3-year artist grant 2002, Finland; Vida5.0 honorary mention, 2000, Spain, File-festival the 3rd prize, Brazil, etc. During 2002–2006 she was a professor for media arts at the Art Academy in Oslo, Norway. Currently she is working towards PhD within Planetary Collegium, The Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Integrative Arts (MPHIL/PHD Computing, Communications & Electronics, University of Plymouth, Faculty of Technology). (