Antanas Dombrovskij
Year: 2006

When making music, especially unconventional sound structures, it’s quite common to search for the unique sound. Each musical instrument, technology and software has softly visible limitations and predicted codes of use, and - frequently - its own sound nuance.

Regarding this, one accepts some limits. Going further and beyond these limits you reveal yourself within a complex zone of creativity that extends the boundaries of sound and technology (or the instrument).

The work can be seen in the context of glitch aesthetics and productive use of the error. The sound of a Yamaha synthesizer is transformed by hops of the electricity, using open wires. This unique sound material is sampled and processed in further sound manipulations. In this sense, like a prepared piano or modified software, a synthesizer isused as an individualized tool. Partially, the predicted and programmed possibilities of the instrument are explored like a kind of ready-made in generative sonic processes.

Antanas Dombrovskij (Lithuania) - a drifter in between various sonic styles. A DJ of eclectics and contemporary urban folk, mostly active in collaborative environments and projects. Remembered from exotic lodge of audio-experiment "Virpesys" - as one of its hosts, in the centre of Vilnius but under the ground - and still can be found there. Also active as an artist in the field of visual and conceptual art.

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