Judith Fegerl

"Tension object" is high voltage sculpture.
Human hair is embedded into a hanging porcelain sphere. Each strand of hair is cabled and finally connected to a high voltage generator. In a slow but pulsating rhythm the object charges and discharges which causes the hair to rise and fall smoothly. Combining organic and anorganic material this hybrid object creates a connection between emotional excitement and physical voltage. A personal feeling or emotion is being isolated, extracted, transformed and reimplanted into an object that is again sensitively interacting with the audience.
Kindly supported by Eltex-Elektrostatik GmbH, Germany

Judith Fegerl (Austria) started doing new media projects in 1995 and cofounded the net art collective restate(.org) in 1997. Although deeply involved in net art and new media activism she never lost contact to the traditional fine arts. In 2002 she left the collective and returned to her roots to develop a series of sculptural and installation works that combine her knowledge of new media strategies and her passion for hightech equipment with the original idea of an auratic artwork. Her work is described as representing the missing link between new media art and the classic contemporary approach. Fegerl is working with a widespread range of material and won't stick to just one medium but is always searching for new ways to express. She reconstructs her own processes of perception and experience and translates them into a poetic language of reduced technical sculpture and installation for the audience to reexperience. Judith Fegerl successfully combines sensitive sculptural work and a scientific approach. Her work involves not only construction and installation but involves the sensual reaction of the audience.

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