SPACE DANDELION, series of photos
Bulat Galeyev

The photos were made from the screen of double-beam oscillograph as the ironical illustrations to the philosophy of Hegel and Kant. As in any conceptual composition, the text here is of primary importance, without it the composition becomes meaningless.
Dedicated to Ray Bradbury.
Exhibited at the All-Union festival “Light and Music” (Kazan, 1987).
Published in the journal “Photograph”, 1992, No.3-4 (Moscow) and in the book: Galeyev B.M. “The Art of Cosmic Era (Selected works)”. – Kazan: FAN Press, 2002.

SMALL TRIPTYCH and SPACE SONATA, light-music films
“Small Triptych”.

Music by G.Sviridov, producer – B.Galeyev, script writer – I.Vanechkina, camera – A.Privin.
The first light-music film in USSR. It was made using our original technology – shooting had been made initially in b/w, and the final positive film was multi-colored and the colors remained for dozens of years.
It was shown at Central TV, various Soviet exhibitions abroad, awarded with a Diploma of the International cinema festival “Techfilm” (Prague, 1975).

“Space Sonata”

Producer – B.Galeyev, camera – N.Morozov, music by S Kreichi, A.Nemtin.
Shot by the same technology as “Small Triptych”, yet from the art point of view in the opposite way: Firstly the visual part had been made in a form of sonata allegro, then, it was planned that the original music should be composed to that. In fact, the film sound track used electronic music compositions created earlier by the above-mentioned composers.
This film was demonstrated more than once at International festivals of experimental cinema, including Oberhausen-2000.

Both films are presented for exhibition in video copies.
More information about these films is available on the Prometheus web site:

Bulat Galeyev (Russia). A science researcher and artist, Bulat Galeyev was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, USSR, on 2 October 1940. After graduating from Kazan State Pedagogical Institute, Kazan, USSR, in 1962 and obtaining his Ph.D. in 1986, he taught physics and aesthetics from 1962-1963; lectured in physics and philosophy in KAI, Kazan from 1963-1966; was a scientific worker from 1966-1994; and has been head of SKB "Prometheus", director of a scientific and research institute for experimental aesthetics affiliated with the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan and Kazan State Technical University, Kazan, since 1994. He has directed film, theater and light-music performances and video-art installations at SKB "Prometheus," 1964-1995; and has been professor of aesthetics of Kazan Conservatory from 1990 to the present. Galeyev is author of the following books: "Light-Music: Birth and Essence of New Art", 1976; "Poem of Fire", 1981; "Light-Musical Instruments", 1987; "Man, Art, Technology (Problem of Synaesthesia in Art)"; "Soviet Faustus", 1995; "The Art of Cosmic Era", 2002. He has contributed more than 300 articles to professional journals.
Galeyev has been a member of the editorial board of "Leonardo" since 1987; of "Kazan" since 1993; and formerly of the journal "Languages of Design" (U.S.A.), 1992-1997. He has organized 15 All-Union and All-Russia Light and Music conferences, participated in many international symposia and festivals and was recipient of the Diploma for Spectacle awarded by the All-Russia Theatrical Society, Moscow, in 1970. A diploma for film was awarded him by the organizing committee of the international Techfilm festival, Prague, 1975, as well as an honorary medal by the Ministry of Culture of the USSR in Moscow in 1983. Galeyev is a member of the Russian Academy of Humanities, the Russian Cinemamakers Union and a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan. He is also a member of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology.

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