Aaron Kaplan, Doron Goldfarb
Year: 2006

Roland Jankowski and Aaron Kaplan (funkfeuer, Vienna and Graz) will present volumetric renderings of wireless LAN mesh routing networks. Electromagnetic interference patterns will be presented as movies and/or pictures. Usually science uses the notion of 2D pictures to describe waves. These 2D pictures create a clear enough image for the scientist only but leaves it to our imagination on how real 3D waves actually look like. Using techniques of volumetric rendering (used in computer tomography) a glimpse of what real 3D waves look like is attempted.

The purpose of these pictures will also be educational: the visitor should be presented with an image of how a 3D wave potentially looks and feels, and how it changes / bounces and reflects at obstacles etc.

Aaron Kaplan (Austria) was born and raised in Vienna. His early career directions looked like he would end up as a hippypunk playing guitar and reading all German philosophers. Luckily he discovered computers and at the age of 17 he was writing DOS TSR virus programs. Thus he became a hacker by mind. After studying CS and maths in Vienna he was closely working together with the renouned media hacking group ubermorgen.com. He created the funkfeuer.at network in Vienna and presently works at the Austrian academy of sciences.

Doron Goldfarb (Austria). Education: School for fine Art Photography Vienna; Studies of Computer Sciences at TU Vienna / Austria; Studies of Acoustics and Visualization at DTU Lyngby/Denmark. Since 1996 various cooperations with musicians, focus on music visualization

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