Jay Needham
Year: 2006

“Tell as your secrets” is a hyper-sonic installation and oral history project that encourages participants to give voice to their secrets. This piece is the continuation of a series of sound works on listening and power relations. Reveal a secret by speaking into a microphone. Your voice will be amplified and also projected along a focused trajectory into another area of the exhibition space. Only those who pass by or stand in the narrow path of the sound beam will hear your words. Your words will not be recorded. “Tell us your secrets” proposes to demarcate zones for sonofied personal power by re-taking sonic vectors.

This invitation to tell, share and pass secrets offers participants a public forum to examine the social sanctity of secrecy and our culture’s relationship to surveillance and privacy. In this age of close monitoring, how do people negotiate speech in public space? A process of discovery and chance is at work. I am interested in positive ways that sound waves can unite people as they navigate the social structures of architectural environments.

Jay Needham (USA). Sonic artist and educator Jay Needham’s research explores the politics of listening and its relationship to locality. In 2005 his radio documentary Listening at the Border was a special presentation at Sonic Interventions in Amsterdam and was also presented at the Noise Theory Noise #2 at Middlesex University in London. Blacktop, his narrative work for radio, aired and streamed as a part of New Media Scotland’s Resonant Cities program and was released on Deep Wireless II in 2005 by New Adventures in Sound Art. Other recent exhibitions include Pixel Ache, and Tesla Berlin. His new video 13 Buildings premiered at the Museum of Voivodnia in Serbia with additional screenings at Videologia, FLUX Festival Finland and at the Sydney Opera House during DLux Media Arts 2006. Jay holds an MFA from The School of Art at California Institute of the Arts.

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