Julian Priest. (Policy Advisor: John Wilson)

Dry erase marker on whiteboard.

The Political Spectrum takes as its starting point the allocation tables published by spectrum regulators to show uses of radio spectrum by frequency. The frequency allocation tables of the Baltic and Nordic regions are presented in wipe clean dry erase marker on a large white board.

During the exhibition a temporary regulatory bureaucracy administrates the editing of the piece by exhibition visitors. The Regulator uses a variety of techniques and processes drawn from contemporary spectrum management, such as auction, public consultation, beauty contest, and license exemption to mediate public write access of the medium.

Julian Priest (UK/Denmark) develops independent solo and collaborative projects in the overlaps and gaps between the fields of art, development, policy, research activism and technology often focusing on social aspects.
Recent projects include: Joindot - a collaborative artwork based on the children's classic; Join the dots (; WSFII - "The World Summits on Free Information Infrastructures" (; Open Spectrum UK - a policy intervention in support of an open spectrum (; The State of Wireless London - a research piece on wireless networking in London (; Picopeering Agreement - a network sharing agreement for free networkers (; Playing Card Based Routing Protocols - a messaging network based on playing cards (; Wireless Roadshow - training and capacity building for community wireless in the developing world (; Informal - a framework for collaborative research (; - the UK's first free wireless network community (

John Wilson (UK) is a researcher, curator and communications policy advocate based in Wales, UK. John's organisational initiatives include the setting up of, the Wales Broadband Stakeholder Group, and ABC Access to Broadband Campaign (-recipient of the CNET Networks Outstanding Contribution to UK Technology Award 2003, for the promotion of licence-exempt wireless as a first mile broadband solution for remote and rural areas).
John's recent digital rights projects include the "Future Wireless" and "Wireless Utopias 05" conferences (both Open Spectrum UK & Cybersalon, National Science Museum, London). Recent cultural projects include "The Poetics of Place" and "Documenting the City" exhibitions (both Newport Museum and Art Gallery; the latter is forthcoming 2007).
John has served on the Advisory Board of the Wireless Event, Olympia, London, May 2006, and is currently the Coordinator of the Wales Broadband Stakeholder Group (and Chair of its Wireless Special Interest Group).

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