Mārtiņš Ratniks, Clausthome

Variations of colours and sounds in human consciousness are endless, however there are
particular parameters at the base of these potentialities: every colour has it's own
wavelength and every tone of sound - particular frequency and amplitude. One can imagine the spectrum as a limited space - a sphere in which endless transformations take place. Although visible and audible variations are endless, they occur in limited space of infinity accessible to human perception.
“Spectrosphere” is an interpretation of interconnection of visible and audible spectrum of electromagnetic waves. The visual base of video “Spectrosphere” is images of different spectra. These images are being transformed, using basic principles of sound structure: frequency and amplitude. The horizontal movement refers to modulations in the frequency, the vertical movement - to changes of the amplitude. Using such rendering method of moving image, new manifold visual structures come into being, like it happens with sound, where relations between frequencies and amplitudes make endless potentialities of variations. Transforming flat image, video “Spectrosphere” creates
impression of depth of the space, like summing up of countless sounds in human consciousness creates image of an acoustic space.
“Spectrosphere” is a continuation of the series of audovisual performances (Riga, 2003; Paris 2005), created in collaboration with “Clausthome” musicians. For “Waves” exhibition “Spectrosphere” has been modified into three channel video installation - object.

Mārtiņš Ratniks (Latvia) is an artist. He graduated from the College of Applied Art in Riga (1995), Academy of Fine Arts in Latvia, the BA program at Department of Visual Communication (1999) and the MA program in the Academy of Fine Arts in Latvia (2001). Since 1997 he has participated in activities at the Centre of Electronic Arts and Media E-LAB and net radio OZONE. Since 2000 he has been an active member of RIXC - Centre for New Media Culture - and author of visual concept and design (international festival "Art+Communication" logo and style, edition of the reader Acoustic Space). Since 1998 he has been a member of artists group F5 (Famous Five), a video artist, VJ and an author of visual concepts. Since 1997 he has participated individually and together with F5 in art projects worldwide (Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Finland, The Netherlands, Brasilia), including the 51st Venice Biennale ("Bulb of the Darkness" with F5, 2005), 25th Sao Paulo Biennale ("Enjoy a lovely night" with F5, 2001) and locally - the most recent project in the exhibition "Jukas" (2005). Together with F5 he received an award in the festival "Kristapa tapa" for the project "Bloody TV". As a VJ and video artist he has participated in several international festivals of media art together with RIXC.

Clausthome (Latvia): Lauris Vorslavs (mixing), Girts Radzins (experimentation) and Raimonds (keybord). Clausthome is a group of musicians and artists based in Riga who aim to analyse several new directions of the music subculture, while experimenting and participating in the field. Clausthome mainly work with 'electronic space-dark ambient' and 'techno-noize' or 'drum&noize' sounds that are based on 'tribal' style synthesis. They use radio (ether) structure, data gathered by radio telescopes and archives of universe research data servers. This information, processed through sound alteration programs is used as the starting point and base for future materials, when in live performances through mixing and synthesizing they create a sound environment.
Clausthome has performed in various of international and local festivals, events, concerts ("net.congestion", Amsterdam 2000, "Art+Communication" Riga 2001 and 2004, etc.). They have contributed sound tracks for international co-projects like DVD "RT-32: Acoustic Space Lab" DVD, CD "Radioastronomy" CD, and others, and released CDs: "Radiophere" (2005), etc. On a regular basis they develop noize art and industrial music programmes for net.radio OZONE. Their most recent project - in collaboration with RIXC and radioqualia - was a live streaming performance using the Irbene Radiotelescope -- "Solar Radio Station" (Dortmund, 2006).

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