PORTA2030 is conceived as a performative urgency network exercise with porta-porters works toward building a portable and responsive social network by year 2030.

PORTA2030 deploys porta-pack, a mobile network unit that documents, archives and transmits electro-data. Roaming in wifi-zones, PORTA-porters equipped with porta-packs upkeep the communal data and echo each other upon receiving urgency signals.

In Spring 2006 the first PORTA2030 exercise, its premiere public performative exercise, was held at Broadway Market, a racially mixed urban street currently part of Hackney Council's regeneration plan. Broadway Market, known as the market porter's path, was the route for transporting produce from Hackney fields to city markets. PORTA2030, while pushing forward the network connectivity, further documents Broadway Market's transition with its residents and market traders.


TAKE2030 (UK) is a brave new media society that operates in parallel net media scheme. The London based collective (co-founded by Ilze Black, Alexei Blinov and Shu Lea Cheang) produces public art projects, shifting social network missions into hypermedia playing fields. Past projects include RichAir2030, UK, EU (2003-2004) and Lets do Lunch, London (2005).

Shu Lea Cheang is a mobilized media artist, working in the field of net-based installation, social interface and film production. Her Net installation works were commissioned and permanently collected by Walker Art Center, NTT ICC, Tokyo and the Guggenheim Museum. She is co-curator for an online web project, Kingdom of Piracy. Her current mobile network project Baby Love will be on view at ISEA2006 .

Alexei Blinov is an artist and pioneer of quantum and information technology arts. He is founder of Raylab.com company working on Interactive electronic media design and implementation. Blinov has recently received funding from Arts Council England on a Hive Network research and development initiative. Through out the 90's Alexei Blinov has been developing a series of projects exercising the diverse forms of laser and optical technologies.

Ilze Black artist, curator and researcher, currently media arts curator at Watermans art center, London. She curator of Interference:Public Sound developed within the framework of Trans- European Re_Public Art. She was one of the co-founders of Ambient Information Systems. In the nineties, as cofounder of Latvia based art bureau OPEN she staged seminal events like Open, Biosport and the Untitled: subvertising session in the streets of Riga.

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