Martins Vizbulis

This installation consists of 3 monitors and a waves-processing apparatus. Two monitors play back different waves, of which one -under the influence of the other - is creating a new wave that appears on the third monitor. The resulting sound is not the mix of the waves, but rather the result of interaction between those 2 waves. It is the third one, unpredictable.

Martins Vizbulis (Latvia) is a video, photo and net artist. In 2000 he graduated from the College of Applied Arts in Riga. Currently he is an MA student in Academy of Fine Arts in Latvia, in the department of Visual communication. He has participated in several exhibitions at local and international levels: "Jukas" (2005, sound installation "Komunikācijas interference"), the 4th videofestival "Water pieces" (2004, videoworks "The Light" un "Fear") and others. Solo exhibition - "Invert your mind" in Stockholm, the Centre of Greek Culture (2003).

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