Waves – incomprehensible phenomenon of nature
Yuris Zhagars

In nature we encounter waves in such variety of forms and inconsistent shapes that we most often must accept them as they are, without understanding them entirely. In the context of Nature Sciences and Philosophy research Yuris Zhagars will introduce the duality of waves and substances found in nature, as well as the controversial properties of waves – the main reason behind their incomprehensibility.

Dr. hab. phys. Yuris Zhagars (Latvia). Born February 9, 1949, Riga, Latvia.
In 1973 graduated with distinction from Moscow State University (Faculty of Physics, Departament of Astronomy). Currently an associate professor of Ventspils University College and also associate professor of Department of Physics, University of Latvia; director of Ventspils International Radio Astronomy center (VIRAC); Sc. secretary of VIRAC's International Scientific Advisory Council (SAC). Scientific interests include: Dynamics of Earth's Satellites as well as Geophysics, physics of planets. Current research interests: investigations of the geoids; applications of the GPS measurements for geophysics and engineering sciences; visible motion of the Earth's Satellites; theory of Chaos. A Latvian Delegate in several international organizations associated with space research. Author of countless scientific publications.

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