Aeriology: Artistic Investigations into physical dynamics and energetic forces
Joyce Hinterding

This paper, by way of illustrated examples, will focus on a series of Art works that are specifically concerned with evidencing the electromagnetic environment and the differential relationships between the fictional and the phenomenal.

An ongoing dialogue between the imagination and reality forms the basis of insights that have produced a body of art works concerned with energy observation, translation and reinvention. Sculptural explorations into the energetic nature of materials have produced live resonant systems and structures that evidence local energy systems through sound and graphic works; ones that develop the relationship between form, function and representation. Aeriology (the expanded notion of an antenna) forms the basis of extensive investigation into the nature of the coil, induction and sympathetically resonant systems. Graphite drawings of circuit diagrams, where antenna and electronic components function as the things they represent, become a point of significant research as energy scavenging and synthesis are explored. Explorations into the multiple transformations of energetic states develop works that explore the experience of high voltage, plasma, broadcasting, and transmission.

Field recordings with a custom built antenna and documentation of different installations, situations, and systems provides a platform to reflect upon both the phenomenal and socio-political implications of the electro magnetosphere. This has led to a body of recorded work, live performances, and collaborative works with David Haines, where we have produced multi-channel video works: part hallucination, part escape, which function like an apparition, a station break in the consensual hallucination that passes for reality, provided by the media.

Joyce Hinterding (Australia). Born in Melbourne; Joyce Hinterding lives and works in the Blue Mountains near Sydney. She produces works that explore physical and virtual dynamics. Her explorations with acoustic and electrical phenomena have produced large sculptural antenna works, video and sound-producing installations and experimental audio works. Joyce has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, including: 26th Bienal de Sao Paulo, Brazil (2004), the (1992) and (2002) Sydney Biennales, and the 7 Istanbul Biennial, Yerebetan Cistern, Instanbul, Turkey, (2001)

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