Isabelle Carlier, Benjamin Cadon and Bastien Gallet

Isabelle Carlier and Benjamin Cadon will present the work "Le Poulpe" of the Apo33 sound art collective, a work curated by Labomedia, nUM and Bandits-Mages in France, 2005-2006. Le Poulpe (the octopus) is/was an analogical and digital online organism that was constituted of sound installations in Bourges, Orleans and Nantes, communicating and exchanging sound flows via/through internet and a single experimental web radio interface. During the construction of this online virtual and material automat, the goal was to imagine radio simultaneously as a transmitting device, sending and transforming flows, and as a articulation point between intercepted sounds in concrete reality situations (in the context of those working/living places) and also between /multiple/multipurpose entry and exit communication networks: a circulation of flows. Every situation was a territory of a multiple interpretations: the sound installations which consisted of sound sensors intercepting elements of actions and events everywhere in the buildings, sounds played elsewhere in the building and transmitted online, interfering then and mixing with the other installations and back in the environment of origin.
Bastien Gallet will precise the concepts and definitions of what creates a "sound installation" and illustrate with his orientations as artistic director of the Archipel Festival (Geneva) and chief editor of the music critic magazine "Music Falsa".

Isabelle Carlier (Bandits-Mages/France) is a media artist who lives and works in Bourges, France. She's co-director for the Bandits-Mages organisation in Bourges and curates the biennial Bandits-Mages Festival.
Bandits-Mages has been carrying on for more than 14 years its reflection upon multimedia art practices. If we must define our work, we would delimit a territory in perpetual movement, inside of which we develop and share our curiosity for the contemporary world through creation. It would be also to circumscribe an aesthetic space of freedom, experimentation, questioning and research.

Benjamin Cadon (Labomedia/France) manage for Labomedia artistical and cultural projects wich imply digital technologies, animate the media lab threw artist invitations, workshops and teachings, develops interactives installations and instruments for artists using Pure Data, organise and curate the event “Fźte 01”, participate to a network of cultural NGO in France and Europe.
Since 1999 Labomedia develops cultural and educational actions by using digital technology for the benefit of populations in the agglomeration of Orleans and in the Centre area of France. These actions are organized around three themes: the encouragement of the artistic creation, the cultural and artistic mediation and the education. To implement its projects, Labomedia relies on six employees, on a hundred of members and on technical and teaching devices (Digital Public Space, Media Lab (ECM), Center of Documentary Resources).

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