Bastien Gallet

My aim is to try to understand what a sound installation is, what sound art is. This art is dealing with sounds and places. It composes their encounter, the mutiple relations that take place between the sound waves, whatever produces them, and the places in which they extend and resonate. To install sound is to compose it in relation with a place. But sound art may be dealing with sounds in so far as they contain their own space, with places (sound images) of a higher degree. Which is the case when artists capture radio waves, making the imperceptible perceivable, making places with sounds.

Bastien Gallet (France) is a critic and philosopher based in Paris. He's chief editor of the french music magazine "Musica Falsa" and has published in 2002 "Le boucher du prince Wen-houei", a study on electronic musics. He has been the artistic director from 2003 to 2006 of the Archipel music Festival in Geneva, Switzerland, and has recently curated together with Patrick Javault the music part of the major exhibition "La force de l'art" at the Grand Palais in Paris.

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