FeteMobile: A prototype for an Art Satellite
Marc Tuters

The presentation will discuss and present documentation from the FeteMobile project, a prototype for a commons-based satellite for a world in which the digital public realm is increasingly controlled and surveillance is ubiquitous. A flying interactive sculpture debuted as part of the Interactive City Summit of ISEA 2006, FeteMobile is a 20-foot long blimp equipped with autonomous surveillance and communications capacities. Participants can remotely view their surroundings via an onboard camera as well as exchange media files through a wireless local-file server.

Marc Tuters (Canada) is a researcher in new media. He holds a degree in Cinema and a graduate degree in Media Studies and is currently working on another graduate degree in Interactive Media. For the past several years Marc has produce numerous collaborative art/science projects and coordinated events for international new media festivals. Over this period he was also involved in establishing a series of cross-disciplinary research networks internationally, which examine social and creative aspects of wireless, including: the Locative Network in Latvia, the Mobile Digital Commons Network in Canada, and the PLAN Network the UK. Marc now works as a research fellow at the University of Southern California's Annenberg Centre in Los Angeles.

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