Gas of Latvia & Oskars Poikāns

Ultrasonic concert for wind instruments and electronics.

Andris Indāns / Gas of Latvia (Latvia) is a noise artist. Engaged with experimental electronic music already for 15 years. Indāns' musical activity has experimental nature, thus improving his individual way of expression. In his musical performances he sometimes includes other media such as poetry and painting. Since 1996 under the name Gas of Latvia 8 CDs has been released as well as he has performed countless times in Latvia and Europe.

Oskars Poikāns (Latvia) is a musician and a computer artist. Currently studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Latvia, MA program at Department of Visual Communication. Since 1999 has exhibited his works in Latvia and abroad. Engaged with both building non-traditional instruments of music (project “Tube” since 2004) and performing on them.

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