Jacob Kirkegaard

“2 rooms” is a sonic portray of two rooms from inside of the Zone of Exclusion in Chernobyl. The rooms: “Auditorium” and “Swimming Pool” are part of his work AION, which is presented at the “Waves” exhibition. 

Jacob Kirkegaard (Denmark/Germany). Born in Denmark in 1975. Lives in Germany. Investigates sonic membranes and discrete interference occurring in different environments. Graduated from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne Germany, Kirkegaard has lectured on archaeological and spatial aspects of sound at the Academy of Architecture in Copenhagen. His works include live performances, film music, installations and compositions - 'Soaked', a collaboration with Philip Jeck (Touch, 2002), '01.02' (Bottrop-boy) and 'Eldfjall' (Touch, 2005). In his latest work for Touch, '4 Rooms' (2006), Kirkegaard explores the sonic legacy of Chernobyl. Jacob Kirkegaard has been presented at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Denmark, KIASMA art museum in Finland, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Gallery Rachel Haferkamp and at the Transmediale in Germany. He is also a member of freq_out.

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