"The music is both tiny and grand. It is like the delicate movement of a watch spinning through space. Microscopic clicks, wood blocks and everyday sounds are painted over rumbling, dark canvases." (The Guardian)
Scanner's live shows twist and turn, sculpting a sound that bends state-of-the-technology in gloriously unconventional ways. Sounds slip from warm abstraction to flaring beats with fluttering electronic rhythms and melancholic minimalism.

Scanner (UK). Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner is a conceptual artist, writer, and musician working in London, whose works traverse the experimental terrain between sound, space, image and form, highlighting the threads of desire and interior narrative that we weave into our everyday lives, making the invisible visible, the ordinary extraordinary. Since 1991 he has been intensely active in sonic art, producing concerts, installations and recordings, the albums Mass Observation (1994), Delivery (1997), and The Garden is Full of Metal (1998) hailed by critics as innovative and inspirational works of contemporary electronic music. Committed to working with cutting edge practitioners he has collaborated with Bryan Ferry, Radiohead, Laurie Anderson,The Royal Ballet, Mike Kelley, and Douglas Gordon. His work has been presented throughout the United States, Asia, Australia and Europe.

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