In the PLANETARIUM EXTENDED project we will find:
A tribute to Ornette Coleman located in the Tokyo airport- noisy skies, crossed by techno-poetics voices- Jules Verne for sure - interstellar messages sent by Alan Turing - a retro-futurist blues dedicated to James Blood Ulmer - a balade signed by Dylan Thomas - « rythmolodic » Dormoy typical développements - a constant suspense and temporary conclusions - the Godard voice asking that we don’t change anything for everything to be different - A référence to a near sky, that one of the airways network, occupied by aircrafts on board of which aural signals and radio communication messages, kinds of celestrial songs, have been recorded.
« Little phrases » always prefered to long developpements - a game with the chemicaly pure species of jazz, blues, rock, electronic, etc, far from any blend attempt .
The visual work for the "Planetarium extended" project reflect the radio sounds used and the thematics of the song played by the musicians. Moving images are played synchrone with the music, using real-time sound&image softwares.
From landing procedures, space communication networks and imagery to primitive cosmologies, the visuals enrich the tropospheric&melancholic view of our world.

Yves Dormoy : Saxophonist, clarinettist and electronic composer.
He founded several experimental and free-jazz bands in the 70’, came to electric jazz in the 80’ and to computer based music in the 90’. He created numerouse radio productions for the French national radio. He regularly collaborates on electronic projects with artists such as Rodolphe Burger, Antoine Berjeaut, Pablo Cueco or John Tchicai.
Recent Discography :
Planétarium - with Rodolphe Burger and Benoît Delbecq for Dernière Bande / Naive
J'ai longtemps détesté les villes - solo album for Signature / Harmonia Mundi / Radio-France
Fantômes:saxo 3 - with Bruno de Chenerilles and Jean-Gilles Charvot for Audiorama
Les Echardes - with Philippe Poirier for Crysalis / EMI
Recent concerts : Nanterre Amandiers theater, Maison de la Radio Paris, Musica festival, Jazz à Mulhouse, Jazz d'Or, Vandoeuvre Musique Action, Montréal Jazz festival, Sendai Jazz festival, Osaka Jazz Festival, Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Bourges Bandits-Mages festival, Banlieues Bleues, Paris Cité des Sciences planetarium, Poitiers planetarium,…
Multiphonic installations : Pass Palais des Images in Mons (Belgium), World Expo 2005 french pavillon in Aichi (Japan).

Antoine Berjeaut : Trompetist and composer.
He studied musical theory, trumpet, orchestral practice and sound enginering at the Conservatoire National of Paris, where he met Riccardo Del Fra, Glenn Ferris, Daniel Humair... He is regulary sollicitated on stage by musicians such as Jeff Sharel (statra records) Julien Lourau (label bleu) Yoshihiro Hanno (logistic records) John Tchicaï, Troublemakers (blue note) Yves Dormoy and Rodolphe Burger
He is a member of Surnatural Orchestra, Allonymous project, Energy crew...
He has played in many festival on tour (Montreal Jazz Festival, Territoires Electroniques, Banlieues bleues, Jazz à la villette, Trans-amazoniennes, Tokyo…)
Recently he worked on a contemporary dance project performing live on laptop at the CNSM and as a sound designer for an Hotel Coste in Paris
Discography :
Paramour - Jeanne Balibar, Wagram, 2003
Planétarium, - Yves Dormoy /Rodolphe Burger, Dernière bande, 2005
Africa wants to be free - Harmonia Mundi, 2001
-coming soon: Yoshiro Hanno aka RadiQ,

Ewen Chardronnet : Media artist, researcher and journalist in space technologies and information systems.
He's been active member of the Association of Autonomous Astronauts during its existence (1995-2000) and published in 2001 an anthology about the network, "Quitter la gravité" (leaving gravity) for the Editions de l¹Eclat.
In 2000 he co-founded the art agency Ellipse and has been collaborating in several projects including Makrolab, Acoustic Space Lab, Signal Sever, Université Tangente and World-Information.Org. He took part of the MIR 2003 zero-gravity parabolic flight campaign. He won together with RIXC, Radioqualia and Marko Peljhan the Leonardo New Horizons Award 2003 for the ACOUSTIC SPACE LAB - OPEN SKY installation during the "Space Art" exhibition at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris.
His last project are: "Semaphore", an environemental, cartographic and psychoartistic work on the role played by the maritime control towers (radio sound & radar imagery monitoring) ; "Spectral Investigations Collective", a research group that investigates critical issues (health, surveillance, paranormal) in the context of the electromagnetic model.

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