"Materia Obscura" Jürgen Reble, Thomas Köner

Jürgen Reble, Thomas Köner (DE)

Live performance, 2009

Our universe consists mostly of dark and unperceivable materia. This performance is a door to enter this world. The visual source material for Materia Obscura are about 25.000 scans in high resolution of 16mm ‘chemograms’ that Jürgen Reble produced in the past. These ‘chemograms’ are made by unique alchemical transformations of the film material itself. The final editing of the image streams will happen live on the computer. It is a visual expedition into cristallized salts and dyes wich are changing rhythm and structure constantly between moving images. Inside the chemical elements of the film appears the bizarre richness and beauty of its materiality.

In his music, Thomas Köner always moved towards the borders of perception, as if it was a means of communication with the beyond. The quadrophonic staging of Materia Obscura expands the performance space, where the horizontal flow of time meets with the sonic impulse and creates a vertical dimension, in which premonition, memory and splinters of Here and Now become perceptible as the darkening of the observed Materia.


Thomas Köner (DE) and Jürgen Reble (DE) have been working together since 1992 in the fields of film, installation and performance. Thomas Köner studied electronic music and extended his concept of time and sound colour to images, resulting in video installations, photography and net art. The works of film alchemist Jürgen Reble are often rooted in the manual processing of film footage using mechanical and chemical influences and reconstruction of the cinematographic apparatus.